Why Us?
The appointment of European Risk Capital is invariably the culmination of one or more of the following compelling reasons:
  • Impartiality and Cost Optimisation:
    European Risk Capital are impartial, independent, conflict-free capital arrangers. Unlike traditional "finance brokers", we act solely for, and are remunerated solely from, our clients (borrowers/investees), i.e. we do not share any lender/investor fees. This reduces funding costs, aligns our interests, and achieves significant savings for our clients. Our independent approach enables us to identify and access multiple funding and/or risk protection sources, leading to the most appropriate solution at the most competitive cost for our clients.

  • Deferred Pricing Structure:
    Our primary goal is to cultivate and enhance long term, successful relationships with our clients. Subject to transaction size and deal type, our Placement Fees may be spread over the life of the transaction, whilst upfront costs normally comprise nominal Feasibility/Structuring Fees.

  • Significant Counterparty Relationships:
    Our long-standing counterparty relationships extend to senior levels of leading organisations. They provide our client base with privileged access to a diverse network of established capital markets players, ranging from institutional lenders and derivatives houses to hedge funds and private equity groups.

  • Tailor-made Approach:
    Our commitment to individual, client-specific assessment and design of the most appropriate, client-specific solution enable us to provide bespoke, client-specific service rather than merely an off-the-shelf generic product offering.

  • Track Record:
    Our professionals have established an enviable track record with transaction volume in excess of USD 15 billion. A selection of "market-first", pathfinder transactions are outlined in the Track Record Section.

  • Quality instead of Quantity:
    Our transaction sizes range from GBP 10 million (Mid Market & SME Clients) to GBP 500 million (Corporate & Institutional Clients). We favour client service over league tables. We offer bespoke solutions rather than commoditised products. Our reputation demonstrates that the extent of our commitment is irrelevant to deal size.
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