Risk Funding Solutions

●    Structuring services on asset backed funding and structured debt/equity financings in UK & Europe

●    Acquisitions & Disposals structuring expertise

●    Funding strategy formulation and interface with new and existing funders and investors

●    Enhancement of regulatory and economic capital returns, including accounting deconsolidation

●    Optimisation of leverage by means of asset backed methodology, structured finance, and securitisation based techniques

●    Rating expertise leading to favourable regulatory capital treatment and reduction of funding costs

●    Risk structure improvement by means of portfolio analysis and eligibility management

●    Structured receivables solutions design and implementation

●    Preparation of Information Memoranda

●    Formulation and negotiation of funding Terms & Conditions

●    Documentation negotiation services

●    Restructuring, refinancing, and recapitalisation solutions

●    Introduction and appointment of specialist legal counsel, regulatory/accounting experts, and asset servicers

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